Legal Tech Standardization Isn’t Gaining Traction. Will an Universal API Change That?

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Since his formal start In 2017, the advancement of the legal industry standards (SALI) did not gain in importance for most legal technology providers. Software providers stated that they only reflect the customers’ lack of interest in legal standardization. However, SALI aims to drive adoption and excitement by creating an API that provides legal technology customers what they are increasingly demanding: interoperability.

Of course, SALI has received public support and membership from leading legal firms. Great law, Fortune 500 companies, the International Association for Legal Technology (ILTA) and various legal technology companies, including LexisNexis and Intapp, support their mission to create common ground in the classification of matters and the work of the legal profession. While such goals are admirable, legal tech companies contacted by Legaltech News said that customers don’t ask for standardization.

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