Legal Tech Adoption Jenga: Kira Systems

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We’re taking a slightly different approach to this month’s article on rolling out Kira AI-based contract review and analysis software. In our interview with Suzanne ElNaggar, Director of Customer Success at Kira Systems, and Daniel Himmel, Global Lead, Practice Consulting, we talked a lot about finding champions in a law firm and encouraging those champions to use all the services of a software provider.

Our conversation with Esther Bowers, Head of Practice Management at Honigman LLP, who began evaluating Kira two years ago to streamline “a huge volume of transactional work” in order to “stay competitive”, clearly demonstrated the power of this strategy. Accordingly, we’re going all-in on this adoption story. We were both so excited about how Bowers and her team implemented Kira at Honigman that we received 20 adoption takeaways. We’ll dive right into:

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