Lawyers call to adopt seniority principle in judicial appointments

ISLAMABAD – The Legal Brotherhood on Thursday called for the seniority principle to be adhered to in all Supreme Court judicial appointments by the Provincial Supreme Courts.

Held here under the auspices of the Pakistani Bar Council and the Bar Association of the Supreme Court called on the Pakistani Judicial Commission to adhere to the principle of seniority until the criteria for the appointment of judges at all levels were determined in consultation with all parties, including the Bar Association.

The legal brotherhood demanded that the unstructured exercise of discretion must be properly regulated by rules and guidelines.

The Convention also criticized the National Assembly’s passing of the amending law in relation to Section 5 (d) of the Legal Practitioners & Bar Councils Act of 1973, which provided that members, already based on their legal experience, were a cover to remain members of their respective bar associations and to enjoy the right to vote and to be considered

against all judicial and other legal offices and increases that were otherwise reserved for practicing lawyers.

They called on parliament to pass a lawyer protection law to protect lawyers who are often targeted and even murdered because of their professional activities.

They also decided to amend Article 175 (A).

They also called on Parliament to reverse the judgment that declared more than 17,000 workers unemployed. They also called for a ban on all forms of reappointment after retirement.

The Convention has also adopted and confirmed all previous resolutions adopted in the previous meetings and conventions of August 4th in Islamabad, August 21st in Karachi and August 26th in Multan.

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