Law Firm Innovators 2022: Terry Mutchler

Government, corporate information and secrets are at the core of Mutchler’s practice, as she is one of the foremost practitioners in those increasingly important troves of intellectual treasure. As the chair of the firm’s unique transparency and public data practice, she represents government entities, pharmaceuticals, hedge funds, defense contractors, life science, and medical marijuana companies, struggling with the question of what is and is not a public record, and how to obtain or protect information. In most cases, Mutchler knows the answer. And if she doesn’t, she’ll litigate like crazy to get to it.

Because transparency laws are relatively new, and are evolving quickly, the firm saw that its clients were frequently unaware that when they submit records to the state or local government, competitors may have access to it. With Mutchler’s expertise, creating a practice that helped position clients’ submissions to properly protect confidential and proprietary material and help them understand what records will be public as part of their submission, was a no brainer.

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