How You Can Prevail In The Legal Tech Marketing Wars

Legal tech buyers aren’t everywhere. In fact, they’re hardly anywhere.

And if you’re a legal tech marketer, you and your many competitors are scouring the earth to find every last one.

To make matters worse, these buyers can be some of the busiest and most tech-averse people around.

So how do you find — and actually connect with — this elusive audience?

In this webinar, our panel of legal tech marketing experts will provide some answers, drawing on experience overseeing the Non-Event since creating it in January 2021.

Additionally, one lucky attendee will receive a free Above the Law daily newsletter ad for their company (a $3,000 value!)

The panelists include Breaking Media’s Jeremy Barker (Director of Content Marketing), Brian Dalton (SVP, Editorial), and John Lerner (CEO), along with Cathy Kenton, the CEO of Legal Technology Publishing, Above the Law’s partner in the Non-Event .

Join us to learn:

  • Tips on connecting with legal tech purchasers
  • The campaign metrics we’ve seen in varied areas of legal technology since the launch of the Non-Event
  • What we see on the post-pandemic horizon for legal tech marketing

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