How To Avoid ‘Shiny Object Syndrome’ When Choosing Legal Tech

If you wait in line for the new iPhone while reading, I have a podcast that you should check out.

Seriously, some lawyers seem addicted to shiny items. So how do you combat the urge to buy anything new that comes on the market?

On the latest non-eventcast, I speak to Emily Gordon of Amara Law about buying the right technology – without to get distracted.

We discuss how the decision to buy technology should be made proactively (7:14). Then Emily becomes poetic about her favorite device (14:48) as well as her most important technical tools (16:25). Finally, remember: technology is your friend (23:51).

Jump into this episode and optimize your tech spend. And visit the non-event here to find the most powerful upgrades for your business.


  • To be distracted by shiny objects like this – 2:12
  • Avoid Buying New Things – 3:19
  • Make proactive decisions – 7:14 am
  • How to Select Technology Effectively – 9:25
  • Make a reasonable investment – 10:36
  • Looking for a device that suits your needs – 11:32 am
  • Your main device – 14:48
  • The most important software tools – 16:25
  • Delegating with technology – 22:29
  • Technology is your friend – 23:51

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Connect with Emily Amara Gordon


Jared Correia, a legal technology consultant and expert, hosts the Non-Eventcast, the Above the Law non-event podcast for tech-savvy lawyers.

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