Google+’s Class Action Lawsuit Settlement to Pay $2.15 to Users, Instead of $12—Why?

Google+ is on the verge of paying users through its $ 7.5 million settlement divided among more than 1.7 million people, but it won’t hit the originally agreed price. Instead of paying $ 12 per person, Google only pays them $ 2.15, or a fraction of the initial payout people expected.

How Much is Your Privacy Worth on Google? Only $ 12 was found to have been exploited, uh, $ 2.15, now that the company has deducted all of the fees it deducted.

The Google+ security breach issue was initially kept secret but was eventually viewed by prosecutors as something to be blamed on the internet company.

Google+ litigation comparison changed from $ 12 to $ 2.15

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The “Matt Matic and Zac Harris v. Google” case, which began in 2018 and only reached an agreement on a settlement last August 2020 and has now reached its payout point, is known.

This isn’t something that users who have signed up expect, however, as the low $ 12 has even dropped to $ 2 per user affected by the problem.

Google+ security breach is something users need to be compensated for as their data has been compromised and vulnerable by the company.

Greater damage would have been offset by Google if someone was hacked or had greater access to their data amid this problem.

Even so, Google+ as people know it is now gone, and it won’t be coming anytime soon to alleviate its former glory, as well as issues that have brought the Mountain View giant to justice. Even so, Google has learned its lesson and is now on the verge of improving its security.

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Why did the settlement cut prices?

According to Ars Technica, the settlement cut its prices because Google deducted its legal fees and other payments for the lawsuit from the said $ 7.5 million. Since Google is a multi-billion dollar company, it could easily pay its other fees and leave the full amount to the affected users whose details have been disclosed.

However, this is not the case, instead Google’s legal fees have been passed on to them and deducted by the company despite the agreed price.

Is what Google did legal?


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Certainly what Google did was unethical, especially as it promised people up to $ 12 for their problems and the potential compromise of their data, despite the fact that they were trusted with a high level of trust. However, it stands in a moral and legal gray area where many companies have done the same and gets away with it.

Google can be prosecuted with a case from a plaintiff who wants more, but that would certainly cost more time, money, and effort for both parties. Ultimately, the $ 2.15 is not enough to go against Google as a lawyer would need more money to represent people and only get a fraction of that back.

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