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A Washington State law firm is asking for feedback from Suddenlink clients as the lawyers appear to be exploring the possibility of filing a class action lawsuit against the company.

According to this form Attorneys at metropolitan Seattle law firm Hattis & Lukacs, which according to their website is headed by Daniel M. Hattis, are investigating Suddenlink’s allegedly fake fees and surcharges, as well as failure to meet their price for life promotions.

Suddenlink customers in the Emerald Triangle have accordingly registered in the hope of participating Reddit Post.

An inquiry to the company about how much interest the investigation has generated and whether it thinks this is a strong case has not yet been returned. We’ll update this post as soon as we hear something.

Suddenlink is a subsidiary of Altice USA and is headquartered in New York.

Annoyed by allegedly false fees and false promises? You can at least bleed using the form above.

These and several other stories are summarized in the following episode.

Episode description:

* Disclaimer * The recap of this episode about a recent triple homicide will be hard to hear for some …

Also an expert’s assessment of how difficult it is to find a family doctor in Humboldt County, a class action lawsuit against Suddenlink, a new rock album with Eureka ties, receives international attention, Sequoia Park upgrades explains, the courthouse in Eureka gets a mural, SpaceX lights up the sky, a Make a Wish dream comes true, a lawsuit related to KHSU, errors in tsunami sirens declared, a local export longs for return, crab poachers and much more.

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