Dems Scramble to Offset Trump’s Judicial Appointments, SCOTUS Expansion

President Biden appoints more judicial candidates as Democrats seek to undo Trump’s legacy in courtrooms across the country.

The Trump administration has appointed more than 200 federal judges in just four years. Josh Blackman of the South Texas College of Law in Houston says Democrats probably won’t get anywhere near.

“The lower courts, the Democrats, have a very small majority in the Senate, so they will be able to fill most of the vacancies in the appeals and district courts,” he says. “It’s going to be a little more difficult with the Supreme Court because they need a vacancy and it’s not clear that there will be a vacancy immediately.”

That is why there is more talk of possibly expanding and packing up the Supreme Court.

“I think President Biden is just trying to calm his base and play, but nothing really is going to happen for the next two years,” said Blackman.

According to Blackman, Biden may be able to turn some appeals courts, but the Fifth Circuit will remain conservative for the foreseeable future.

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