Class action lawsuit against smelly SC paper mill grows

YORK COUNTY, SC (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – A new version of a class action lawsuit has been filed against New Indy Paper Mill in Catawba. It includes more names of more plaintiffs and more details on the hydrogen sulfide emissions from the facility.

Principal Attorney Gary Mauney, Esq. explains the essence of the harassment claim in simple terms: “If you can’t open your door without getting sick, you can’t enjoy using your property.” The area around the smell “you cannot open the door because of the smell”.

Class action lawsuit filed against paper mill causing foul odor in York County

Mauney also explains how the invisible hydrogen sulfide works by saying it is “toxic” and “it doesn’t take much to get a very substantial response from a human.” He says his clients have experienced Naseau, migraines, and those with asthma who have worsened conditions.

Even so, the smell isn’t the only problem. He showed us pictures of his customers’ veranda, on which a foam from the hydrogen sulphide formed appears like ash or snow. The SC DHEQ and the EPA are investigating the facility and ordering remediation, but none of the authorities is immune to potential dangers.

Mauney says it has been documented that “the teams that DHEQ and EPA sent out, the engineers, the scientific teams to assess the degree and location of the odor, got sick too.”

New Indy has not yet responded to the lawsuit and has not yet responded to FOX46’s request for comment on the lawsuit.

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