Apple Faces Another Class-Action Lawsuit Illegal Gambling Apps Claims

Tech giant Apple is facing another class action lawsuit for allegedly running illegal gambling apps on its app store, particularly titles developed by DoubleU Games.

The complaint focuses on in-game currencies

Another Class action was filed against Appleand claims the tech giant will benefit from it illegal betting apps on the Appstore. The petition that was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California on April 6th claimed that apps developed by Korean gaming companies DoubleU Games Co. form illegal casino activity in violation of numerous state laws.

Apple is accused of being “unlicensed casino” by allow and Allowing unauthorized gambling. “Accordingly, Apple enables, allows, promotes and benefits actively from illegal gambling,” says the complaint. It condemns free games of chance this use In-game currencies rather than real money. It should be noted that players are allowed to use however actual money to buy more Coins or crispsbut they have No redeemable value and cannot be transferred or withdrawn.

The complaint states: “Paying money in a game to gain more playing time injured the Anti-Gambling Laws of [at least 25 states]and searches Class actions in which 25 states.

Apple accused of targeting certain vulnerable users

Plaintiff Joshua McDonald and Michael Helsel have filed the lawsuit, seek statutory damages and costsin addition to one interim disposal Stop Apple from engaging in any further alleged illegal activity.

According to the complaint, the majority of casino app revenue comes from a small group of players who are “specially designed“Because of the large sums of money they are willing to spend. MC Donald is shown to have spent $ 4.99 on Money in the gamewhile health is shown to have spent at least $ 107.99 every time on at least five different ones Coin transactionsas well as other purchases.

Apple has been accused of operating or profiting from illegal gambling apps in the past. After spending thousands of dollars on money in the game, a woman filed one legal action against Apple in October 2020 for supposedly hosting illegal casino apps. Another $ 5 million class action lawsuit, filed in February, accused Apple of taking a 30% stake in casino-style app sales.

In a statement, DoubleU games stressed that the lawsuit was up not filed against their company and that “social casinos have not yet been classified as illegal gambling in any US state and the plaintiff is based on a comprehensive interpretation of the laws governing virtual coins, social casino chips, etc.” The developer added that the A hit of Lawsuits against platform operators on Game providers was considered limited.

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