AMU Journal Volume On Justice Delivery System and Judicial Ethics In India [Submit By 31st May 2021]

The AMU Legal Department invites you to contribute to its volume of magazines on the penal system and judicial ethics in India.

Who can apply?

The volume invites judges, lawyers, jurists and attorneys to make contributions.


  • Evaluation of the parameters and the performance of judges
  • Individual and institutional independence
  • Canons of Judicial Ethics
  • Ethical values ​​and judicial competition
  • Constitutional Morale and Indian Justice
  • Delayed justice and erosion of public belief
  • Outstanding Rate and Service of Justice • Trends in the service of justice in the Indian Supreme Court
  • Judicial Appointments and Judicial Accountability
  • Justice Delivery System and ADR
  • Role of investigative agencies
  • Law enforcement system in India
  • Promises and Pitfalls of Immediate Justice
  • Reformative parameters for the delivery of justice

Submission guidelines:

  • Original, unpublished research in all core and sub-subjects of the humanities is welcome, up to a word limit of 10,000, including a summary of 200 to 250 words and six to eight keywords.
  • All figures and tables must be created in MS Office (Word / Excel).
  • Contributors are warned of plagiarism and excessive self-referencing. Figures, graphics and tables must be used sparingly in order to avoid repetition of content.
  • If possible, all additional files such as figures, tables and maps must be provided in MS Office (Word / Excel) or other editable formats.
  • The citation mode should be APA (APA Format Citation Guide available here).

How to submit

  • The article must be sent to Dr. MZMNomani (, Faculty of Law. Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh.
  • Deadline for submission: May 31, 2021


  • There are no publication fees.
  • The publisher offers the contributors of the best and selected paper a token fee of 2000 GBP.

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