ACDelco Faces Class Action Lawsuit For Allegedly Deceptive “Made In USA” Label

General Motors’ parts distributor, ACDelco, could find itself in hot water for allegedly misleading labeling.

A class action lawsuit recently discovered by Car Complaints alleges that ACDelco parts labeled “Made in USA” do not meet standards for such branding set by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

The plaintiff claims that it bought an automatic transmission fluid filter with the words “Made in USA” on the box, only to find that the part was engraved with the label “Made in China”. The plaintiff said it chose to buy the part from ACDelco instead of a cheaper third-party brand, particularly because of the promise that it was made in America.

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Although part of the filter was labeled “Made in China”, no other part was labeled. Even if the other parts were made in America, the suit claims that the product does not meet the “Made in USA” labeling requirements.

“Even if the words“ Made in China ”on the surface of the plaintiff’s transmission filter are only applied to the single plastic housing that bears the label, the claim“ Made in USA ”still does not conform to the“ All or Virtually All ”standard and is unlawful, deceptive and misleading, ”writes the lawsuit.

According to the FTC, “all essential parts and processing that go into the product are of US origin, ie there is only a de minimis amount or a negligible amount of third-party content” for a product to qualify for the label.

The lawsuit, which was filed in the Northern District of Ohio, aims to find appeals for the plaintiffs and to stop GM’s “unfair, misleading, and illegal acts or practices”.

We have asked ACDelco for a comment and are waiting for their response.

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